As it is my first official announcement in this section, I will introduce myself and my ideas about the future of this community. From the very beginning I will be known as “SVC”, my real name is Łukasz and I live in Poland. I am and I will be fully responsible for development of the security, site, scripts and future frameworks dedicated to our community (public/premium). My business is growing very slowly but it gives us guarantee that everything will be done correctly and securely. I will not allow my users to use unfinished software with potential of detection or leaks – I am aware of constant upgrading the launcher and it’s security.


Have you ever been disappointed with other developers? I was, unfortunately many times, they lied about detection history and when their cheats were detected they simply let unaware users to be vanished by anti-cheats. I am not going to allow such situations to happen – you will be noticed about everything going on with our premium accessed software. SVCheats community is going to be built on the trust and quality, in the future we might dominate the market – it is only possible with strong and united community.


What kind of cheats can you expect from I am going to create some public cheats for cod series and who knows, maybe I will do something for counter strike. All premium accessed cheats will work in both modes (hybrid cheat) – internal and external to maintain security, possibilities and stability. I can tell you now, that these cheats will be stream proof. I will supply premium users with fully secure software including only legit features with some tips how to stay legit. I have huge experience in such matter.

Supported Engines (all): Source, Frostbite, Quake 3.


At this point I can not promise anything linked to my league anti-cheats support. My main target is to stay as long as possible undetected on default anti-cheats like Valve’s VACs modules and Evenbalance’s PunkBuster. My security patterns may beat leagues AC’s even without my pre-investigations and additional work, but I prefer and I believe in little steps with full view rather than big ones with covered eyes.

Time Frames

When? The final product/start of the sales may take a year. I know, it is a lot of time, but good things takes time. I can assure you that when there is only one person in charge, responsible for critical points of the software – the cheat is unbreakable. Like I mentioned before I will publish in the meantime some public cheats for cod series.

Lan Cheat / Hack

Oh 1 more thing. LAN cheat will be available – it will be a pure advanced trigger-bot without HWID identification with additional launcher. I think that all leagues will be supported from the beginning.

Register, stay with us, help us and spread information about community. It will not be forgotten.