Hey there,
I am happy to announce that we have our own way of accepting payments with cs:go skins. It is a bit work-around but indeed it is perfect.
I will share with you this tutorial. Do you want to know it?

Yes! I want to know how to pay with cs:go skins!
And I will follow these steps:

1. Create a Paypal account Or BTC.

2. Register on Skins.cash with your steam.

3. Select yours skins from your CS:GO inventory .

4. Choose correct money receiving option - it is "PayPal Or BTC".

5. Put your Email Account (PayPal Or BTC).

6. Make you sure that you use "Steam Mobile Confirmation"!

7. Click Exchange Button.

8. Accept Trade Confirmation from you "Steam Mobile".

9. Wait 5 to 10 Minutes to receive your money on "PayPal Or BTC" (Generally the system send you instantly your money).

10. Check our store and do your thing:

a) For PayPal: Checkout using your paypal.

b) For BITCOIN: Check next post
Have a good day!
Be safe!